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Angell Stephan Beesteboer

"This is the best programme to equip you for the real world"

Angell Stephan Beesteboer, 21 years, was unemployed and desperately looking for a job. So, when he got the opportunity to join the Ascendis Health YES Learnership, he grabbed it with both hands. Since joining the learnership, he has been a CAPEX administrator (stock controller) for The Scientific Group.

"The learnership taught me about responsibilities, time management, how to manage my own finances, the background of what happens at hospitals and has also improved my communication skills. It calmed my nerves about the working world, allowed me to expand my capabilities and become financially independent. In a nutshell, I became a responsible adult at a young age."

Angell will join Surgical Innovations as a Capex administrator when the learnership ends.

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